Week #14 Homesteading Update

This week has been full of many ups and downs. Some really exciting stuff and some heart breaking stuff.

Tomithy and Peeves are on the hunt for carpenter bees. At least that is what we think they are. We have some living in the corner of the well house. It wouldn’t bother us too much to have them living there but they have this nasty habit of stinging people who are walking by. Tom will knock them out of the air with a tennis racket and Peeves will pounce on it and make sure it is dead. They make a funny team to watch!

Ginger had gotten hurt on Sunday evening. She was playing tag with Peeves and decided to take a short cut under the deck. She was FLYING!!! I tried to stop her by yelling at her to stop. It was too late. She had hit her face on a joist under the deck. That night we didn’t see where she hurt herself but we checked for marks and bumps. It wasn’t until Monday morning that we saw her poor lip. Luckily, she didn’t or knock out any of her teeth.

On Monday afternoon Peeves found a keet roaming the yard. He went and laid down with it between his front legs and kept it safe until we got to him. He wasn’t hurting the keet, just making sure it wasn’t getting away. We picked the keet up and gave it a quick look over to make sure it wasn’t hurt. It looked fine so we put it back in the coop. As I was walking over to praise Peeves for doing such an amazing job protecting the keet, he looks up and smiles at me and I notice he has lost his front bottom tooth!?! These dogs are gonna be the death of me.

  • We had a rare occasion on the farm where Tomithy had been gone over night. First time since we moved in. It was really weird not having him here. He had gone to his Aunt and Uncles house to help put in a new bridge in the driveway. They decided to install a culvert so the water can pass easier and will last longer than the wooden bridge they had before. It needed to be done before winter because the bridge wouldn’t have lasted through the snow and ice.

As we were waiting for Tomithy to get home from his family’s, Samari was entertaining me! She was showing me how she can spread her toes (just like me!) and I noticed her tow shadows in the yard. They were so funny looking! So she then decided to put on a toe shadow puppet show on for me! I laughed so hard. I know, I am a simple woman.

Tuesday was a sad day on the homestead. We had lost all 9 of the keets. This was the last one to go. We were trying to save it but it was too late. We are not really sure what happened. We are wondering if the heavy fog that we had on Tuesday morning played a role in their passing. It is a sad truth of a homesteading life. Things will die. I hate this part of this life…

Our neighbors came and cut the fields this week also. It was fun watching the tractor while I sat on the back porch. I know….I know… I am such a city slicker! This was so much fun. Back and Forth…Back and Forth…

I hope your week was as eventful as ours was. Next week we hope to have less accidents and more Happy Memories!

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