Week #13 Homesteading Update

As we settle into our daily routine of work and school for the 2017/2018 school year, we are starting to realize how things are changing on the homestead. Whether it be the placement and time of the sunsets or the type of work that needs to be done. Things are starting to change. I find it a bit funny though. We just got into our routine and planned out how and when things will be done to only have it all mixed up and switched at the drop of a dime.

For example, I was planning on home schooling Stoney this year. But after a week in, and much prayer, I decided I needed to pull in some outside resources and we put in him public school. He was very excited about the bus ride and making friends. It was a rocky start but by the end of the week, I think we are both seeing the benefits. He will also have a 4 day school week, even with public school. (LOVING THIS PART!!!) I am praying this school year is just full of learning and goals being achieved, as well as FUN!

One thing we got to experience last week was the complete solar eclipse of 2017! We are very fortunate to have family that lives in the complete totality of the eclipse. But that wasn’t the best part about this visit. The best part was the actual visit! We got to visit with Tom’s Aunts and Uncles and ALL of his siblings and their families. It was really awesome! Lots of laughs and entertainment watching the kids and dogs run and play.

As the eclipse drew closer to complete darkness we set up the sheets in the grass. We had heard about the shadow bands or snakes that you MIGHT be able to experience. We were hoping to capture them. And we DID! They were super cool! Definitely something we will share with everyone! This was a “Once in a Lifetime Event” BUT we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy it in 2024. The path crosses Tom’s families property AGAIN with complete totality!

Another unexpected thing happened this week also. I learned to drive the tractor. Pretty proud of myself too! I can go forward VERY NICELY! Now in reverse? That is a different story. Hey! I know what you’re thinking….Maybe reverse is a key thing to learn when “driving.” And, you are probably right! I was just glad I didn’t hit anything the first time driving!

It was definitely a week of many “Firsts”. First Day of Public School. First Total Solar Eclipse. First Time Driving the Tractor.

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