About Us

About Us

If anyone would have asked me when we got married, “Where would you see your family 10 years from now?”, I would not have thought here. Let me start at the beginning.

Tomithy and I have been married for over 16 years. Not all of those years have been wonderful… but everything after our first decade together has been amazing! Like many couples who get married young, we had a lot of figuring out to do. Not only about being a couple, but also about who each of us really are. When we got married, I was not Suzie Homemaker! I wasn’t happy doing house work and I hated dishes. I hated all things cooking or baking and  could only prepare 2 things. That’s right… two things! Brownies and Lemon Pepper Chicken. And when I say I could cook Lemon Pepper Chicken, what I really mean is a dry, crusty, chicken breast that had a slight taste of lemon that was speckled with black spots. Poor Tomithy, he really must love me… because he always ate it… about 4 times a week. I had a great deal to learn.

Suzie Homemaker

I always wanted to be that woman who had the house clean, dinner made, dessert ready at any time kids bathed and in bed by 9pm. You know the type. Then reality hit me. This was never going to happen!  I was never going to have dinner ready for my husband as soon as he walked in the door. I am a Stay At Home Mom. We live in this house. Our house isn’t, or ever will be a museum. And as a home schooling parent, we have school everywhere. But, I knew I had to figure out who I really am. I knew I could come up with a way for me to be a modern day “Suzie Homemaker”. And over the past several years, I have figured out a way to make this my reality!

So after 2 kids, a marriage of 16 years, and a major lifestyle change, I can honestly say that Tomithy and I have figured out loads and we are learning more every day on how to be better spouses, parents, and all around good people. We have started living off our ¼ acre property, with hopes of buying more in the near future. Now we live on a 19 acre homestead! I have learned to sew, cook, bake, can, and preserve food like a real homesteader. We have adapted our homeschooling techniques into more of an Unschooling approach. And every day is a new adventure we take together! I wanted to share the wealth of knowledge that I have consumed over this journey, in hopes that it can help another on the same path as us.

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