11th Weekly Homesteading Update

This week was pretty exciting. Weddings, meteor showers, new farm critters, and lots of fun and laughs!

We started cleaning out the sheep shed this week. We actually got it all clean out and ready for the day it comes down. I will miss the sheep shed. It has provided so much beauty and rustic backdrops and unique accents in pictures over the years. It has so much charm and  character and it will be missed when we have to take it down. I really do wish we could leave it be, but it has fallin’ off the foundation and the roof is blowing off. The wood is rotten and we need to bring it down before it falls on someone and hurts them.

While we were cleaning out the sheep shed we found a nest of these sweeties. They are barn swallows. Those sweet little eyes pepping out at us. ADORABLE! Over the next couple days, they have started to fly and now leave the nest any time we walk in. Which is really a good thing because I don’t want any critters in there when the shed comes down.

We stumbled on a bit of luck when we were cleaning the shed out also. We had a bunch of hog panels in the shed that were chained and locked together. Tom went into the garage to grab some tools to cut the lock off… Instead he found this set of keys and thought to give it a go. The very first key he tried worked! I don’t know if this was Grandpa leading the way, or just pure luck but we were some happy little homesteaders!

The dogs started really hunting moles this week also. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say “started”. Peeves is always hunting something. But, Ginger decided to join the hunt this week.

We were contacted Friday evening by a local farm selling some keets. Keets are baby guinea fowl. We have been looking for these little guys for several months now with no luck. We on Saturday to pick them up. The main reason we wanted guineas was to have some natural tick control on the homestead. In the winter the fields will be burned for the first time since my family has owned the property. And these keets, will grow up to be amazing little exterminators. The other reason we got the keets was for the alarm system. We may regret this part. As we are told they will sound the alarm when anything that isn’t supposed to be around is lurking by. I will keep ya up to date on these little birds!

On Saturday we had several friends and family come out to see the farm and enjoy the Meteor Shower. Friends came early enough to get a tour of the farm and to enjoy the sunset. We are so proud of our little homestead that we LOVE to show it off! I love when people come around to take a look. It motivates me and helps me come up with ideas of what to do and how to plan for future projects. We really had a great time!

Coming up next week will be back to school, stitches removed, and new adventures.

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