Weekly Homesteading Update #8

So this update is a little late. Time seems to fly by as we go through the day to day. But, that is ok! We are slowly knocking out the “To-Do” list. So let me give a quick run down of what happened this past week.


Samari and I went around the farm looking for wild black berries. We didn’t find many but we still had some fun hunting for them. Peeves had to go along to protect us. He is such a good boy!

The list of wild life visitors is growing. This butterfly joined me for coffee one morning. It stayed there for about 15 minutes. It was pretty awesome.

But I think my absolute favorite part of last week was the visitors we had on Saturday. My parents came up for a visit on Saturday morning. Then we had a short visit with our neighbors. Then in the afternoon we had Christen, Sarah, and Izzy visit the farm. We were blessed with Christen taking some AMAZING pictures. If you would like to see more of her photos she took on the farm click here! She really took some amazing pictures. It is always fun to see our farm through other peoples eyes. She is really talented and has an amazing gift!

Pogo even decided to pose for Christen.

We started working on trimming the tree line. The down side was that I ended up getting poison ivy. The itching and rash wasn’t fun at all, which I know many of you know all about. The down side was I had to push off surgery until August because the rash was on the arm I was supposed to have fixed. So I am on minimal outside duty until I have the surgery so I don’t get poison ivy again.

This next week is going to be a hot one. Try and stay cool and well hydrated! I know that is the main goal we are going to be working towards.


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