Impromptu Photo Shoot By Christen Commuso

We had a great surprise on Saturday. We knew we would be having company but, we also had company with an amazing eye! Christen, Sarah, and Izzy came to check out our new farm this past weekend. What surprised us was that Christen Commuso came armed with a camera! She is a hobby photographer who has such an amazing eye! We were just so blessed with what she was able to capture on film that we decided to share it with everyone! Please, sit back and enjoy our farm through the lens of an artist.


I always find it fascinating to look at peoples pictures of the farm. We get so busy and we tend to take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. These pictures have been a wonderful reminder to stop and look around and really enjoy the beauty that all around us. Thank you so much Christen for coming and sharing your gift with us.

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  1. It looks so peaceful there! The photos capture the lower stress of living out in the country. The buildings are so cool and I like the contrast with the lighter background of the sky. You should entertain the thought of making your home a bed and breakfast stop. You have a great new home!

    1. Thank you so much, Dan! We are looking into starting a “Farm Stay” on the property. We are still trying to iron out the details but keep an eye out for the upcoming events that we will be holding on the farm until then.

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