Weekly Homesteading Update #2

So the weekly update has already started to be a minor problem. With moving, yard sale prep, choir performances, and packing there never seems to be enough time in the day or even week. But I will have to make time. Not only for those of you who are following the journey, but because I really do enjoy the blogging experience. So bare with me. I may not get the post finished “on time”, but I will be sure I get them done in order. Ya know what that means? Some weeks we will have 2 updates!!! (So kind of a win! Win!)

Every week we load up the truck and all squeeze in the cab. It is a cramped ride. But when we pull off the highway, Peeves starts to get antsy about getting to the farm. He has figured out where we are going and he can not wait to get to the farm and start another adventure! Tom teases about buying the farm for Peeves.

We decided to paint the bedroom (which was previously the living room) It was not the original plan to paint this room. But as we were packing my mom’s decorations, the paint was pealing off the walls. The walls are paneling that were painted with latex paint. It justĀ  ripped off like a cheap band aid. So we had to tackle this paint job before we started moving in furniture. We started by removing the wall paper boarder and scrapping the paint off the walls.

So after an all day adventure, we finally got to paint! We ended up taking 3 partial gallons of paint and mixed them together and painted the walls with that color. The funny thing was, it is a darker and slightly bluer color than the original color we spent all day stripping off the walls. Not that I am upset by that. We just thought it was funny. But we have the ease of mind knowing it was done right and that this paint will (hopefully) stay on the walls.

And then the storm clouds moved in and the rain came. And boy did it! It POURED for 2 hours. We couldn’t even see the fence line across the street. But with this rain came and nice cool breeze that lasted into the night.

We were able to relax outside and enjoy this beautiful sun set. The sky looked like cotton candy!

As we were cleaning up the paint and making some final touch ups, we were visited by this cute little tree frog. He was eating the bugs off the screen.

It is all cleaned up and ready for the furniture to be moved in. I think it turned out pretty well!

The next day, Stoney was resting on the porch and found himself a blue racer lizard Five Lined Skink (link). He was so cute and hung out most of the day on the back porch.

Over the weekend I also took time to learn a new skill. I removed all the caulk from the bathtub and shower surround. I then taught myself to re-caulk. Even though it was hard work (mostly removing the caulk) I was proud to say….Not Too Shabby! I will need to learn how to handle the lime scale build up in the shower though. I am thinking I may turtle wax the whole surround. Maybe it will help keep the build up to a minimum. If you have any suggestions, please share! I have always lived in the city and have never had to deal with calcium and lime scale.

So there is the weekly update. It didn’t seem like we got a whole lot done. But we were only on the homestead for a couple days.

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