Weekly Homesteading Update #1

I decided to start a new series about our little homestead and all the adventures we are having as we transition from the city to the country. I will do my best to give a run down of all the fun (and some times, not so much fun) we have through out the week.

It was the first night, and Stoney and the dogs are already exhausted.

This week was the first week that made it all feel so real that this is really happening. We have really started packing up the city home and are getting ready for this move. We are very fortunate that we can move a little at a time since we already are managing the property. So hopefully when the time comes for us to take full possession, that last move won’t be so overwhelming. We shall see.

This weekend started with  us heading to the farm on Thursday evening. We got there later than anticipated but we did make it without the traffic of the holiday weekend. Friday morning we had gotten a hold of the company that we will be using for internet. On a whim, we asked if it could be installed that day. And to our surprise, they were at our farm within an hour. Talk about customer service! We decided to have it attached to the side of the garage because that will be the best place to pick up the signal.

But with the installation of the internet, came the trimming of the trees in order to get a clear line of sight to the tower. We were planning on taking them down anyway, but this gave us the extra push to tackle this project this weekend… Well, at least part of the project.

Friday evening, the family started flooding the farm. I am really fortunate to have a huge family and that my kids have so many cousins that they get along with. Here is Stoney and Daniel climbing a tree. We mostly just played on Friday evening and set up tents for camping.

Sitting around and enjoying family is such an important part of my life and I am so glad that I get to do that. I am sucking up as much of that family time as I can get while I can, as we will be moving away from the family circle. I have mixed emotions about all of this moving stuff. I am so excited for the new chapter but I am really going to miss the convenience of just “running over to their house”.

Saturday was a pretty big work day for Tomithy. Last week he made the mistake of breaking the exhaust manifold on the tractor. Word of caution: be careful driving under low hanging branches… he caught the muffler on the limb and snapped the manifold. This week, he had to fix that. It wasn’t “hard” just time consuming. He is really getting to know this tractor and all it’s “ins and outs”

Saturday was the day we had the big family BBQ. And the weather didn’t disappoint. Tradition is that almost every holiday BBQ we have at the farm comes a massive storm. This year was no different.  A massive storm blew in and we all have to squeeze into the 650 sq ft. home. It was tight but for the most part it was pleasant. Everyone played games and visited in VERY tight quarters. But when the storm passed, we were blessed with beautiful skies and even a rainbow!

Sunday we had another HUGE work day. Tom went and trimmed trees over on the other side of the property, where he had broke the tractor. I think he felt he had to give that tree a lesson and show it whose boss.

With all the extra hands to help out we were able to get a whole BUNCH of work done. The flower beds were gone through and weeded and Mom was able to collect her Irises and Peonies from the beds to take home. We were also able to go through the large bay of the garage. EVERYTHING was moved, and reorganized. Sunday afternoon we also started moving furniture out of the house. A lot of stuff was donated to a friend of my niece. I am so glad we found someone who could use the furniture instead of having to just trash everything. After the furniture was moved out, we started packing up the rest of the bedrooms and the living room. Those room’s are completely packed up and ready for us to start moving stuff in. We have some painting and stuff to do next weekend, but we can at least start!

All in all it was a pretty great weekend full of hard work, rain, and more hard work. We were able to accomplish a bunch of  tasks on the “To Do” list. A new chapter is opening in the book of the Harners and we are pretty darn excited!

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