Why We Raise Meat Chickens

I have been debating doing a post on this subject for a while now. I know many people will find it inhumane or unnecessary. I feelĀ  completely different about the situation. This morning as I was checking the world of Facebook, I ran across several links and articles about our food in America. Especially the meat and what they are feeding the animals and what they are injecting into the animals. That is when I made up my mind about this post.

Today is the day we will be dressing the chickens that we bought back in October. If you have been reading the Chicken Posts I have been doing on this blog, these are the chickens that will be dressed. It isn’t my favorite part of raising meat birds and I struggle with the whole ordeal when “butcher day” comes. The few days leading up to it are a bit of an emotional ride. But then I am reminded why we decided to raise our own food.

I don’t have to worry where our food comes from. I know what my chickens have been fed. I know they are not pumped full of hormones, chemicals, antibiotics or saline. I know they are not being shipped all over the world for processing in unknown facilities. I know they were raised in a peaceful atmosphere. I know they were well cared for. And more importantly, my kids will be fed the best REAL food I can offer.

Real food is so important to me. Article after article I read horrible things about our food. We wonder why Americans are so sick compared to how things were “back in the day.” With our food being injected and modified for faster, larger crops and heavier hanging weights so the food industries can charge more for bigger and prettier food is it any wonder? I have had enough!

I want to eat REAL FOOD! I want my family to eat REAL FOOD! Do we eat a perfect diet? Nope. But we do try. And we are getting better every year. If I can offer my family real food, that is what I intend to do. The fact that I know where my families nutrition comes from and how it was raised makes this whole process worth it in the end.


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