New Year’s Resolutions!

I have never been much of a New Year Resolution kind of gal. The few times I have made them, I, like many others, have never kept them. Oh sure, I start out strong. I make it 4 months in and then…SQUIRREL! I get side tracked or discouraged. I make plenty of excuses for myself. Maybe it is because I make unrealistic goals. Maybe the goals I make are boring and I lose interest along the way. I’m not sure I will ever know the real reason I give up on those New Year’s Resolution.

So this year I am going to try again. I am not making goals to lose weight or to save money. I am not making a resolution to learn a new skill or hobby. I have been thinking about this years resolutions for a couple months. I think I have figured out a couple of goals that I want to do this year.

The first goal— I want to read! I have so many books that I have started and just never got around to finish reading them. I decided that I will finish those books. I may not get to all of them, but my goal is to read at least 10 books that are books that I want to read. I read a lot on a daily basis, but most of my reading is done for homeschooling and research. These books that I have started are books that are fun and enjoyable for me to read. Just entertaining books.

The second goal— I posted yesterday about my “Challenge Accepted” series that I am going to do on the blog. My goal is to tackle 2 intimidating ingredients a month and share my true and honest feelings on the adventure! They may not be intimidating to every cook, but they are for me. My hope is that it will encourage others to take adventures in their kitchen also!

So, in the hopes of being able to broaden my knowledge in my kitchen and also find some “Me Time”, these are the New Years Resolutions that I am working on in 2017. What are some books that you feel are MUST READS? What are some intimidating ingredients that you suggest I tackle? I pray 2017 is a year of good health, good food, amazing personal growth, and finding time to sit back, relax and enjoy life!

Happy New Year!

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