Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted!

Good Morning Everyone! As I sit this morning with my notebook and my coffee, I am thinking about different foods. Most of my recipes are “Safe” and “Common”. I want to expand my recipe book and bring some diversity to the kitchen.

I was sharing this thought with Tomithy and he suggested I start a blog series about those “scary ingredients” and how I felt about taking them on in my kitchen. So I have decided to tackle these foods and do a blog post about my adventure 2 times a month.  Some ingredients may not be scary to everyone, but they are intimidating to me. These ingredients range from Jackfruit to Aquafaba. I want to post honest reviews of these ingredients and share my experience with you. Whether good or bad, these post may be pretty interesting!

What are some ingredients that intimidate you? What are some foods that you want to tackle, but just don’t know how or are too afraid of the outcome? Maybe we can tackle some of these items together!

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