DIY Headache Relief

Any time I can use an Essential Oil instead of a medication I will! This headache remedy is pretty good. You will combine 10 drops of each of the oils, Peppermint, Lavender, and Frankincense in a 10 ml roller ball. Fill the bottle with a carrier oil of your choice. I use Grapeseed oil. Close the roller ball and shake the EO’s really well every time you use it. I rub the ball on my temples, back of my neck and behind my ears.

Side Note- I wanted to explain why I have so many different brands of Oils. Some people are so HARD CORE when it comes to brands. MY PERSONAL RULE is if I am going to ingest an oil (like lemon) I want the guarantee that it is from seed to seal (Like Young Living has with their oils) If I am using it topical or diffusing I am more worried that it is 100% Oil. This is where you really have to read the labels. For example…. You want to make sure it says 100% Peppermint Oil and NOT Peppermint Oil Blend. That means it isn’t 100% peppermint it has been diluted with a carrier oil. If you prefer to use a certain brand of oil, by all means, do what makes you comfortable.


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