Pebbles’ Famous Cole Slaw

Ingredient List

1 Med Head of Cabbage

4-6 Dark Green Kale Leaves

2 C Hellmans Mayo (no substitutes)

3/4-1 C Sugar

2 Tb. Mustard

2 Tb. Lemon Juice

2 Tb. Apple Cider Vinegar

Pinch of Salt

Dash of Pepper

This is my sister, Pebbles’, Famous Cole Slaw Recipe. Every gathering my Brother N Law would request this slaw. And every gathering, Peb has always made it. So for Christmas, Pebbles typed out the recipe and gave it to Jim in a frame. That framed recipe sits on top of their cabinets so he can make the Slaw anytime he likes. It is seriously a family favorite. Here is how the recipe is made. (or you can read the directions in the recipe above)

I start by mixing the mayo, sugar, mustard, lemon juice, ACV, salt and pepper in a dish. Set it aside so the flavors can get to know one another.

Now chop up the cabbage and kale. She prefers a fine chop.

Now you will mix the dressing into the cabbage and set it in the fridge for a bit to help break down the cabbage some. Then serve it up and enjoy!

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