Roasted Sunchoke Soup

Ingredient List

2 Qts. Chicken or Vegetable Broth

4 C Chopped and Peeled Sunchokes

1 Onion, Chopped

3 Cloves of Garlic

1 C Milk

1C Cheddar Cheese

7 SI thetrips of Bacon (optional)

2 Tb. Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

You are probably asking yourself “What is a sunchoke?” Well that is a good question. At least in our area, many people have never heard of a sunchoke or even know where to find them or what to do with them. They also go by the name of Jerusalem artichoke. They are a root vegetable that grow wild and are part of the sunflower family. They are the “potato” for people who are on a Paleo diet. We are just really trying our hand at them and seeing what kind of yummy things we can come up with to enjoy this veggie. This soup was one of the creations that I came up with.

First we took all the sunchokes and washed them REALLY well. Then you want to peel the skin off of them. We saved the skin to plant again. We will see if they are really has harty as everyone has told us.

Then we chopped them up as well as the onion and the garlic and and tossed them with the olive oil and the salt and pepper. We placed them in a 375 degree oven to roast for 30 minutes or until the sunchokes are fork tender.

After the sunchokes are roasted we placed them in a pot with the chicken broth. We simmered the soup for about 1 hour.

You can either use a blender for this part or an emulsion blender. Now you puree the soup. I pureed all of it. But next time, I will only puree half of it to give the soup some texture. I then added the milk and the cheese to the soup and blended it as well.

I then took the 7 strips of bacon that I cooked up and dumped it into the soup. I knew we all liked bacon so there was no need to keep this separate. If you know someone who isn’t a fan of bacon you can just add it to the individuals bowls who want the bacon.

Now you just pour some into a bowl and add some cheese. Enjoy!

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