Tractors, Dances, Bees and the Cold!

Happy New Year Everyone! Our first January on the farm was a COLD one for sure. Probably the coldest winter we have had in a very long time. Even though it was freezing most of the month, we were able to get a few things done around the homestead.

While it was too cold to do anything outside, Tomithy decided to do some maintenance on the old Massey Ferguson. He started taking the old boy apart to replace the hydraulics on the tool attachment. It has turned into a fairly big project. We are learning a bunch working on this old tractor. All I have to say is, Thank God for the internet. Not only is it the easiest way to order parts, but also lots of information videos out there on how to do regular up keep on the tractors.

This month I joined a book club. This was the first book we were supposed to read. The book was technically for February, but I got it read before February even started. The down side is now I have to wait for the end of the month to discuss it with the group. It was a pretty good book!

It was roughly the first week of January and this guy decided to hurt his paw. We are not 100% sure what had happened but we are thinking maybe a thorn was stuck in his paw and it got infected. So we had to go visit the vet and have it looked at. After the meds and the repeated foot soaking, his foot is as good as new.

Samari had her first school dance this month. The Winter Formal. I have one question….WHEN DID SHE GROW UP!?! I still can’t get over how this happened. I swear she was just a baby last week! I strongly advice those with kids….hold on tight! Make memories and cherish every moment…. They grow up so fast!

We were lucky enough to have a few warm days scattered throughout the month. The bees took full advantage of it. They were out in full swing for a few days. And boy they were a bit antsy, to say the least. The first warm day we had, Peeve’s was outside for all of 3 minutes and had gotten stung. Those crazy bees were interested in anything and anyone! Especially if you had a bright color on.

So because the bees were out and about and very busy, we took advantage and got into the hives to check on them. While we were in there, we decided to feed them. We made them a sugar mash to help them get through the last bit of winter. I really hope we can get more bees this year. One of my goals is to build up our bee and honey production.

With the cold cold temps, I also decided to try out a new (to me) knitting technique. Knitting with 4 needles. I made these cute little fingerless gloves. I also am selling them for $15 a pair. Anything I can do to make a little extra money for the homestead!

Since it has been so cold, especially in the evenings, we have been taking the time to catch up on movies that we haven’t had time to see. I think the dogs like this part the most. All the extra snuggles.

Well that was our January. February is looking to be very exciting and full of more new experiences. Hope everyone had a great January!

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