The First Holiday Season On The Farm

December was fairly peaceful on the homestead! We started the month out with Christmas decorating. It is always fun trying to figure out how you want to decorate a new home. We do not have many outside decorations, but I see our collection growing over the next several years.

Since our home is so small, we had to get creative with the Christmas Tree this year. We decided to buy air fresheners and decorate them instead of a large tree. It was a cheap and simple solution and I think the kids enjoyed the humor in these vanilla scented beauties!

Seeing the house lit up really made it feel like the holiday season.

Tomithy ran across a great deal on coat racks while shopping for Christmas decorations at our local farm store. It is so nice having a place to hang all the winter coats and bags in the house. I was getting so aggravated with the mess being thrown all over chairs and beds because of having no place to hang them.

On Christmas Eve we were blessed with a White Christmas! It is so odd seeing the farm covered in snow. A sight we have never enjoyed before. Kind of poetic that our first Christmas on the homestead is a beautiful White Christmas!

The kids had a fantastic Christmas with lots of goodies from Santa. Ginger felt she should get in on the fun! She has turned into quite the lap dog!

Stoney’s favorite gift from Christmas was his new Xbox. Him and his father had a good time breaking it in over winter break.

As we look forward to 2018 and all it has to offer, we start setting some goals for ourselves. Health, new business adventures and personal growth are what we are focusing on. We hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and that your New Year comes with many blessings!

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