Busted Toilets, Arts and Crafts and Samari’s New Hobby

November came in fairly quiet and left with some new hobbies and challenges being tackled.

One of the hobbies that peaked in this November was for Samari. She has turned into quite the photographer.

I love how she can take something basic and maybe boring to others, and be able to capture the peace and serenity of God’s creation. Be sure to keep an eye out for more photos of hers.

Stoney has also gotten in to arts as well. He has been taking on armor design for some of his favorite video game characters.

I have started to make grocery bags. I am trying to lessen our pollution footprint and do our best to reuse and recycle. These bags were made from old sheet sets that were stained or torn. So I took the good parts of the sheets, and made them usable again. The electric company came out to check the poles on the property. They dug around the base of them all and checked to see if there was damage. This pole will need to be replace. as you can see there is a fair amount of rot We were told that the electric company has 6 months to replace it. This pole is the only one on our property that needed replacing…so that is something.

We took advantage of the warmer fall days by sweeping up leaves and building the compost pile. Times like these, I wish I had my worm farm up and running.

While cleaning up the garage, the dogs decided to pull this baby swing around the yard by the rope. At one point, they were dragging it down to the pond. I think they thought it was a boat!

One of the hurdles we had to deal with was a broken toilet tank. We woke up on Thanksgiving Day to a broken flapper chain on the inside of the toilet. No big deal really. We had the part so Tomithy set to replace it. Then we heard a SNAP! The tank cracked right in half! And on Thanksgiving Morning!!! None of the hardware stores were open. We ended up teaching the kids a new way to flush the toilet… with a bucket. It wasn’t terrible. I am just glad that we didn’t have a house full of out of town guest at the time! On Black Friday we went to Home Depot and bought a new tank. Good as new….well because it was!

I think one of the absolute best things that happened in November was this! That is right….I am able to knit again! I had surgery in October on my left arm. I had both carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel release surgery. After a rough October of not being able to do much, I am all healed up and back to knitting. I rocked out several Christmas Presents and I can not wait to get back to spinning.

I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and that this Holiday Season will bless you and your family!

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