Rainbows, Tractors, and Evil Evil Thorns – Week #23 Homesteading Update

Another week down. (Maybe even a couple of weeks.) The weeks are starting to run together as we near autumn and winter. The weather is really starting to get cold outside and I can’t help but think that we have skipped autumn weather all together.  That is ok, though. We are getting to experience a new season on the farm and that is always a good thing. So let me go through our week.

We had a couple of rainy cold days this week. Which kind of stunk because we were all stuck in doors. This tiny house can feel crowded when you are cooped up inside for long periods of time. Lord help me during the winter.  But on a good note, we were able to see all kinds of rainbows!

Tom even came out of the garage long enough to help me get some amazing pictures.

We worked on removing the honey locust from a fence line also. This will be a HUGE project that will likely go on for at least a year. Those honey locus are spiky painful little trees with many of the razor sharp thorns measuring over 6 inches long. Removing the trees is a long slow process. You never want to rush the job of removing them because you will end up a bloody mess.

More rain moved in while working on the tree removal. The clouds never disappoint around here.

While it was raining, Tomithy worked on the tractor, rebuilding and rewiring the 6 volt generator.

The next day we continued the tree clean up. Tomithy even removed a big section of fence and opened up the yard between the two fields.

Other than the rain and the other projects we tackled on the tree line the tractor repair, it was business as usual. I hope your week was as calm as ours was.

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