Rain, Birthday Party, Fishing and Bonn Fire – Weeks #20-22 Homesteading Update

It. Has. Been. Crazy. Around. Here! Which that isn’t really a bad thing. Just crazy. I want to start off by apologizing for not staying up to date on the weekly updates. It isn’t because I wanted to take a break but that I had to take a break. I recently had surgery on my left arm. Both carpal and cubital tunnel were done at the same time, so I have kind of been out of commission these past couple of weeks. So, let me get you up to date on everything that has been going on.

We had about a week of heavy rain and wind. It knocked some branches out of trees and kept us busy with clean up. It also made it hard to keep up on the landscaping too. We needed the rain big time, so we were happy we got it.

We also had some out of town guest come to visit. Tom’s brother and sister in law came in for Stoney’s big birthday celebration. Stoney was so happy to FINALLY have a fishing contest with his Uncle Joe.

Even though Stoney caught the biggest fish, Joe caught more. They decided to call it a tie.

This guy right here turned 9 years old this year. He had a great party with a silly string fight and lots of running. The weather was nice enough to cooperate and stop raining an hour before the party. I really look forward to this next year for Stoney. He has big plans for himself and I can’t wait to see them come into motion for him!

We did lots of relaxing these past couple of weeks. Well at least I did, and so did the dogs.

Before our company left us we had a nice big bonfire and sat around solving the worlds problems and eating s’mores. It was all fun and games until Peeves found a skunk! Nothing like stinky dog to kill a party.

Peeves and Ginger got new balls too! I know many people won’t understand why this was “blog” worthy but it is. These dogs live for these goofy balls. Peeves showed everyone who would stop to look at it. He was so proud!

Ginger on the other hand, didn’t want to show anyone. She kept running away from me. I think she was afraid I was going to take it from her.

Samari has been developing a great eye for photography. She gets so excited with the pinks and blues of the sky.

I will leave you with this….the sunset.

I hope as my hand heals I will be able to stay more up to date on the blog. Thanks for baring with me.

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