Destruction and Goodbye to Chickens – Week #17 Homesteading Update

Another week down on the homestead. Lots of changes. Some good…some sad…but both are different from the norm.

One of my favorite buildings on the homestead came down this week. My beloved Giraffe Barn. It was slowly falling apart and it was just one good rain storm from falling. So we (and when I say “we” I really mean “Tomithy”) pulled it down. With us doing it instead of allowing nature to do it, we were able to control the situation and have it fall the direction we wanted it to. I really loved that building. It had so much character. It will be missed.

It came down fairly easily, which we are grateful for. Now the real fun begins!

We started reclaiming the wood. Making piles and removing nails. We didn’t get too far on this part of the project but we have some time. I get to start making list of how to use the wood. Comment below with any suggestions you have for how we should use the old barn wood.

The neighbors came this week and collected the hay. It may be the city slicker in me, but I really found this to be very enjoyable to watch.

Another sad thing happened this week also. We said good bye to our chickens. I have mixed emotions about this one too! I enjoy having chickens, but with upcoming surgery, them starting to moult, and slowing down on laying for the winter, we decided we would sell the girls and we would start over in the late winter. It is so strange not having chickens. We have had chickens for 4 years….and just like that, we don’t.

As we said good bye to old buildings and our hens, the week came to an end. But never fear– new adventures await! This week I get to research Vermicomposting. If ya have any information that you feel would be helpful, please share! We are always looking for advice and other peoples experience to learn from.

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