Injured Dogs, Dirty Laundry, and Family Photos – Week #16 Homesteading Update

Another week has gone by and the sunsets are still one of my favorite parts of this farm! It never seems to get old and every evening they are different! Who wouldn’t fall in love with this place?

These two have kept us on our toes this week. And if they would stop getting hurt, that would be great!

Let start with this boy! Labor Day evening, we were sitting outside and getting ready to head to bed when all of a sudden he started yipping! My heart sank! We all ran to the direction of where we heard him and he came running up to the house dragging both of his back legs. We all went into panic mode! We ended up taking him to the vet that evening. But by the time we got there, he was starting to walk. He was still limping but he was able to get his feet under him. The vet looked him over and from the best that we could tell is that he had pinched a nerve or turned just right that his sciatica had gone nuts. It was very scary but I was glad he was at least able to walk. He was given some anti-inflammatory meds and was told to keep him calm and just let him relax for as long as possible. With in a couple days he was starting to want to play with Ginger but would wear out fast. I am just glad he is feeling better. As the day goes on, he shows signs of pain and is ready for bed around 8.

On Tuesday, Ginger was down in the woods and was playing. She had stepped on a thorn and punctured her foot. You should have seen the blood. It was running all over the place. Blood was pooling at every place she stopped. She was great about letting me get her cleaned up, but I had to giggle a bit when all I found was this little bitty cut. I was very thankful it wasn’t worse.

This is probably a silly thing to post about but I have to say, I get a weird satisfaction of hanging clothes on a line. I know, it’s odd….but I REALLY DO! Hanging the clothes on the line in the nice cool morning temperatures is so peaceful. Just me, the clothes, and the dogs. I love watching the wind blow through them. Now taking them off the line, folding them, and putting the clothes away…..that is a VERY different emotion. It is like dishes. I don’t mind cooking a d washing dishes but PLEASE don’t make me dry them and put them away.

On Sunday we had my niece, Haley, come over and take our family pictures. I won’t share all of them but I wanted to share a couple. Me and Tom haven’t had pictures done of just us in YEARS. Honestly, it has probably been since our wedding. I really love this one!

Haley was even able to capture this sweet moment with me and two of my babies. Pogo didn’t want to participate in any of the family fun.

And like most kids, they either wanted to be really cooperative or complete fart heads. We tried several times to get them positioned in the pictures but NOOOOOO! They didn’t want to sit like that. And sometimes they didn’t want to leave the frame either. Typical kids. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pictures. They turned out really good! And a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Haley for taking the time to take our pictures!

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