Week #15 Homesteading Update

This week was full of family and friends coming together to enjoy Labor Day weekend. We had such a great time visiting and just relaxing over the weekend. We did manage to get some stuff done around the homestead though, too!

Last week we had a neighbor come and cut the fields. This week they came back and bailed the hay.

It was pretty awesome because they bailed the hay on Saturday when we had everyone over for the big Farm Picnic. We had about 25 extras over for lunch and visiting. I love that my family and friends were able to make it to just chill and relax for the day! Plus we had the entertainment of watching the bailer work, too!

We took a bunch of kids to the creek down the road and the wonderful Christen Commuso came with her camera to take pictures of the creek and the local cemetery. I will be doing a blog post of all of her pictures. They are absolutely breathtaking.

On Sunday, Tomithy replaced tires on the car.

And once he figured out what he was doing, he had Stoney come and learn and help as well. Stoney was REALLY good at removing the tires from the wheels. He also learned to change a tire on the car.

The weekend was eventful but the week was fairly calm. Nothing, too exciting. Like I said, it was great to have the family all here, just like old times.

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