9th Weekly Homesteading Update

This past week hasn’t been too eventful. We mostly tried to get some of the little things done from around the farm. We also were down one person this week too! Samari went to camp with her friend, Izzy. So, we had to do some minor adjusting while worked on certain chores.

We are noticing with farm work comes lots of bumps and bruises. And also poison ivy! I seem to get it when the wind blows. We had to postpone my cubital tunnel surgery because of the poison ivy outbreak. Even though that was really annoying, I will just chalk it up to God saying “Not yet!” So we rescheduled the surgery and I hid in the house most of the week.

So while I was hiding in the house all week, I decided to tackle Stoney’s room. As you can tell, he is SUPER excited!

One evening we did tackle this corner. The corner has been a growing collection of all things wood related and some other misc. stuff too.

So this shelving unit was cleared off and we placed all the wood on it. Laying it flat (ish) and stacking it up as nice as possible. We really needed to get the lumber laid flat so it wouldn’t bow anymore than it already has. Plus getting it mostly organized and off the floor space will give Tomithy more room to work.

We were also able to get a better waterer made for the chickens. It isn’t much but that is all they really need. Plus it is much easier on me to fill this and not having to worry about the escape artist chickens we have. They just get so excited when we take them food that they want to fly all over the place.

But the most exciting part of this week was this! Stoney learned to drive the lawn mower and has started helping with cutting the grass. He has been begging us to teach him for a few months. So this was the week. And he did a pretty good job.

So that was the week. Nothing too adventurous….at least for me. But some memories were made for my kids. Camp memories for Samari and lawn mowing memories for Stoney.

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