Weekly Homesteading Update #7

Another week on the homestead is over. I can honestly say that this week felt SO LONG! It wasn’t overly busy, just incredibly different for us. Things are starting to fall into place and we are slowly figuring out our weekly schedule.

On the 4th of July, we moved the chickens from the city to the country. After catching the chickens and placing them in dog kennels, we covered the chickens with a tarp to keep most of the wind off of them while they were being moved. We figured the trip alone would be enough to stress them out a bit. But, to our surprise, they did very well!

On the 5th of July, we got some pretty heavy rain. The chickens were still safely in their covered kennels while we got the finishing touches done on the new chicken tractor.

It stopped raining long enough for the move from the kennel to the tractor.

We were not expecting any eggs the first few days but to our surprise, we collected a full dozen the first evening. Now, they haven’t figured out what the buckets are for yet, but they will get there.

The rain moved in again and rained the rest of the evening.

Peeves didn’t seemed to mind though.

And neither did Ginger. Although, I think she enjoyed rolling in smelly stuff more than the rain.

Stoney took advantage of the wet ground and did some digging. He then used the rain water to clean up the shovel and his hands, legs and feet. I think the water was a little cold.

The next day was a little different. Tom went to St. Louis to work and to bring up another load from the city house. He left around 7:20 a.m. and didn’t get home until 8p.m. It was a long day for him and I felt like he was NEVER coming home.

The rest of the week went pretty slow. Tom worked from home. The kids wandered around the farm and organized their rooms. I was able to do some organizing and played in the kitchen and worked on some new recipes. Here is to another good week on the homestead.

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