Weekly Homesteading Update #6

Whew! What a week! We finally made the big move to the farm. We are so blessed with amazing family and all who spent their Saturday with us as we made the hour and a half trip from the city to the country.

As you can imagine, we spent most of this week packing, packing, and more packing. It is always so much work getting everything ready for a move but we do try to have everything in one room. We were also blessed with family who came and stayed with us. It is always nice to see family from out of town and to have those extra hands. Tomithy’s sister came with her family to help out. It was nice being able to visit with them before and after the move.

Our bedroom finally got finished today. The constant pile of boxes to go through and figure out where to move stuff was challenging, but we did it! Now one of the next projects to be done is to make a bed with drawers underneath. We do not have room for our dresser so we will have to live out of suit cases until that can be done. We hope to be able to tackle that project sooner rather than later. But first we will need to make a door for the bedroom. We are thinking a barn door is what we will make, but plans are still in the works for that project.

Bindi wasn’t sure what to think about the new home. She spent most of the first day hiding under the furniture in Samari’s room. She is finally coming out a little bit at a time. I figure in about a week she will be right at home.

This may be a minor thing to some but we are SO excited that the TV fits on top of the corner cabinet. We were afraid it would be too big and we would have to rearrange furniture in the bedroom. We don’t watch much TV but we do love YouTube. We watch several different farmers vlogs and we are always learning new things.

Tomithy put up my Christmas present from my parents (2-3 years ago) in the front flower bed. He was so proud of himself and the idea to make it “Self Watering” by placing it under the AC unit to collect the water. I thought it was pretty ingenious!

The last thing to do in the kitchen was to hang my spice rack. Now that it is up, my kitchen is completely unpacked. One day, down the road, we will be tackling another kitchen remodel. But for now, this will do just fine.

The week was full. The weekend was VERY busy and VERY productive. Here is to another great week!

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