Weekly Homesteading Update #3

This week was fairly uneventful on the homestead. We started the weekend late because of me participating in the Ritenour Alumni Choir performance. Which in all honesty, makes the short weekend well worth it. It comes around every 2 years and it is something I look forward to every time. So that being said, let me take you through the week on the homestead.

After last week of prepping and painting the bedroom, we were able to start moving some furniture into the new home. We bought a new bed from Verlo Mattress. It sleeps pretty well but it will take some time to get used to it. We had a very old mattress we were sleeping on. This bed just needs to be broke in a bit. We also moved one of the many book shelves into the bedroom and it even has the books on it! This was a huge sign that things are starting to feel real. When the books move in, it is finally starting to feel like home.

After moving boxes and furniture we went outside to enjoy the nice cool evening. We love how Peeves keeps watch like our own personal gargoyle.

On Sunday morning, Tomithy started gathering supplies for making the chicken tractor. As soon as we can get this done, then the city chickens can be moved to the new homestead. I do not look forward to that move. I bet it will be a rather eventful transition for us and the chickens.

Later Sunday afternoon Stoney and Peeves tried out the bed for the first time. It was nice having everyone snuggled in for an afternoon nap. Even though there wasn’t much snuggling to be had. It was a hot and toasty one!

This is the view from our bed. I love the hay bales! It really screams Country Living. Sadly, they will not stay there for too long. But, I will be happy whatever view I can get!

Sunday afternoon, Tomithy finished the frame for the chicken tractor. We need some supplies so it will have to wait until the next time we can make it to the farm. But he at least got this much done while Samari and I mowed 3 acres of the farm.

Tom was walking around the pond with Peeves and Ginger didn’t trust that Tomithy wouldn’t throw her in! Smart Girl! If you look close, you can see a small white dot by the pond…that is Tomithy!

Monday, Mom and Dad came out to clean out the rest of the house. They gathered the stuff from the kitchen and the bathroom. There stuff is all out of the house now. We can get serious about moving stuff in!

Things are starting to move pretty fast now as we pack and move things from one homestead to the next. This coming week will be fairly eventful. We have a yard sale on Saturday. I am looking forward to this! It will empty out the remaining stuff in the living room! Then I will have 1 more room officially cleaned up and finished being packed.

Here is to another productive week!

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