5 Wonderful Fudge Recipes!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With all the shopping, wrapping, family and FOOD! And what is the BEST meal? Dessert! When I think of all the wonderful desserts that are available at all the family gatherings, one thing I can’t wait to get my hands on is FUDGE! Here are 5 easy fudge recipes that will wow those family dessert buffets!

Number 1-The first fudge I want to share with you is Chocolate Fudge. It uses simple ingredients and it goes together pretty fast. Not a lot of fuss over this fudge at all!

Number 2- The second fudge is Samari’s Favorite! Strawberry Cream Fudge!

Number 3-This fudge was a MAJOR hit! Everyone gobbled it up and it was gone within minutes of being uncovered on the dessert table. If you are a fan of mint and chocolate, you need to try this Mint Chocolate Fudge!

Number 4- ThisĀ Eggnog Fudge really screams Christmas to me. There are 2 groups of people out there. Those who LOVE eggnog and those who don’t. I am part of the non-eggnog enthusiasts. But if you LOVE Eggnog, I suggest giving this recipe a try!

And Number 5- I saved the best for last! Fantasy Fudge!!!! This is the fudge I grew up with. It has that “Taste of Home” and is fool proof to make!

So there they are! 5 Easy, Wonderful, Yummy Fudge Recipes!

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