Chickens Part 5

Good Morning World! I just wanted to touch base with everyone following along with the chicken story. There isn’t really a whole bunch to say the next few weeks. But I thought I would share some of the pictures of the chicks. This is one of our Easter Egger’s (Americana is this breeds official name) When they start laying we will get a variety of blue and green eggs.

The big white chicken int he middle of this picture is a Cornish Cross. As you can see, they are starting to really fill out in size and are considerably larger than our other chicks. Sorry the picture is blurry, chicks move around a bunch and are a little camera shy.

I wanted to share this picture so you can see how much the Easter Egger’s can look like baby hawks. Some have big curved beaks. This is what I like to call the awkward pre-teen years. They go through a stage where they are getting new feathers and growing into their feet.

One thing I will point out about the Cornish Cross is that they don’t always have full feathers. We have never had these chickens to where they are completely covered with feathers. It is from the way they are bred. The pick the biggest and fastest growing…. and sometimes they aren’t the prettiest of birds.

So that is the very basic up date for this week. Nothing new to post this week, really. Over the next few weeks it should be pretty uneventful. Feed, water, and keep them comfortable.

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