UN-Stuffed Pepper Soup

Ingredient List

4 C Chopped Peppers

2 lb. Ground Beef

1 Onion, Chopped

4 Cloves Garlic, Chopped

3 14oz. Cans Chopped Tomatoes

1 6 Oz. Can Tomato Paste

6 C Beef Stock, Divided

1 Tsp. Dried Basil

1 Tsp. Dried Oregano

2 Cups Cooked Quinoa

Salt and Pepper to taste

Mozzarella Cheese, optional

I LOVE MY CROCK-POT! I believe I have shared that little bit of information about me before. The possibilities are endless with a crock pot. AND, They don’t heat up your whole house! This soup is AMAZING! If you like Stuffed Peppers, I suggest you give this soup a go! Here is how I made my UN-Stuffed Pepper Soup.

I first took 1 cup of the Beef Stock and used that as my liquid when cooking the quinoa. If you chose not to do this step, that is fine. Make the quinoa how you feel comfortable. I will admit though, it does give the quinoa a nice flavor.

I start by browning the beef in a skillet and draining the grease from the beef once it is cooked. Then add the beef to your crock-pot.

Next I caramelize the onions. Once the onions are mostly tender and translucent, then I add the garlic to the skillet. Garlic cooks faster than the onion. You do not want to burn the garlic. It will give a horrible bitter taste to the garlic. After the garlic and onions are cooked, add them to the crock- pot.

When picking peppers, I use mostly what I have on hand. I love the color that the red, yellow and orange peppers bring to this soup. But the type of peppers are really up to you!

Next I add the peppers, diced tomatoes (including the juice), and tomato paste to the crock- pot. Give everything a good stir.

The final step is to add the quinoa and the rest of the beef broth to the crock pot. Give it a stir. Put the lid on top and cook on High for 4-5 hours or Low for 7-8 hours…depending on the power of your crock-pot. You will know the soup is ready when the peppers are nice and tender.

Serve up a bowl and add some mozzarella cheese and enjoy!

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