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I have been asked several times what are my favorite things that I use in my kitchen. So I thought I would share those things with you. Some things are very basic items that many have in their kitchen. Some are a little different and some may find them to be odd. But that is okay. So, lets get started!

I am going to start with my Cast Iron. Although I find it heavy, this stuff is the best! It gives a great even heat when cooking. It goes well from the stove top to the oven without having to switch cooking dishes. Cast Iron will last forever! Even if forgotten and turning rusty, you can still re-condition it and bring it back to life with minimal effort. It also will make great heirlooms for the family as well. You can pass cast iron down from generation to generation. There are SO MANY things I could say about my cast iron. If you are interested in more wonderful things about cast iron, read this article for more information!

With cast iron, it is always a good idea to have a heavy duty metal spatula. This one is my favorite and is used ALL THE TIME! It has a nice strong blade and the handle has held up nicely. I actually bought this one from Pampered Chef. When this one dies, you can bet that I will be buying a new one. Unfortunately, the spatula will not live as long as your cast iron. But a good spatula is worth the investment.

Next, I want to talk about my FAVORITE BUTTER DISH! I know what your are thinking….really? You have a favorite butter dish? the answer is YES! This is a French Butter Dish and it doesn’t go in your refrigerator. It’s home is on the counter. You fill the butter dish with REAL BUTTER and then place just a small amount of water in the bottom. This makes a seal on the butter and keeps it nice and fresh. It also allows you to have room temperature butter that is ready to spread on your toast or bread when you need it. A few things I LOVE about this one is it is marble! With it being made of marble, this helps keep the temperature of the dish pretty regulated. Many French Butter Dishes are made of pottery or ceramic. I chose to get a marble one for a couple of reasons. The temperature doesn’t fluctuate radically and marble is more durable. I have a tendency of breaking things pretty often. This one has held up against my abuse and that of the rest of the family. I wouldn’t suggest using fake butter in this dish. It is really made for REAL BUTTER. So, if you enjoy real butter with your toast, this is a dish I HIGHLY recommend!

This next contraption definitely hits my top 2 favorite things in my kitchen. This is a Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper. In an ideal world, it would fit on top of your coffee mug. But, since I apparently own odd shaped coffee mugs, I use a wide mouth mason jar. The mason jar has actually come in handy several times. I can fill the coffee filter with more coffee for a bigger crowd. But most mornings, it is just me enjoying a cup or two of coffee. This dripper is fantastic! It is small so it doesn’t take up a lot of room on my counter. It can be stored in a cabinet when it isn’t needed. And the BEST part, EVERYTHING CAN BE WASHED! No tubing or filters to collect mold when not in use. No mystery parts that are hard to clean. I also have no fear of some weird bug taking up residence in this coffee maker. It can be 100% doubt free, cleaned and sanitized without any hassle. And, not to mention, it makes a FANTASTIC CUP OF COFFEE!!!

And, last but not least, my Kitchen Aid! Those of you who are fortunate enough to own one will understand the benefit of this majestic machine! This was something I received from my Grandparents when they passed away. Every time I use it, I think about my Grandparents. Lots of sweet memories. This mixer has really aided in my drive to cook and bake more for my family. I have had lots of different mixers. But, this one, has held up WAY LONGER than any of the others I have previously owned. It has allowed me to take on different baking adventures because it is a strong, solid mixer. I have three different attachments to use. A paddle, dough hook and whisk. I can not say which attachment I use more than the others. They all get used pretty regularly. I use this mixer at least 4 times a week. Eventually I would like to buy more attachments for it. One day….

So, these are just a few things I consider MUST HAVES in my kitchen. I’m sure there are more items I could add to this list, but I wanted to just highlight a few of my favorites.


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