DIY Water Proof Sun Screen

Ingredient List

1.5 Oz. Bees Wax

1.5 Oz. Shea Butter

1.5 Oz. Coconut Oil

1 Oz. Zinc Powder , non nano

10 Drops Carrot Seed Oil

I can not tell you how much I HATE sun screen. Most sun screen is full of chemicals and can cause more issues than benefits. So I did my research and figured out which sun screen would work best for our family needs. Here is how I made the Water Proof Sun Screen.

I first started with weighing my ingredients out on a scale and placing them in a glass jar. Minus the Zinc.

I then made a double broiler with the jar and a pot. I added some water into the pot and kept the heat on a medium-low heat. Stirring continuously until everything was mixed and melted together.

Once the ingredients melted, I removed the jar from the pan of water.

With your nose and mouth covered, pour the zinc into the melted mixture. This stuff is not ok to breath, but as along as it is NON- NANO Zinc, it is safe for the skin. I just used my shirt to cover my nose and mouth.

Pour the sun screen into a jar for easy use when you are outside in the sun. The Beeswax is what makes the sun screen waterproof. The carrot seed oil and zinc help raise the SPF in the sun screen. and the shea butter helps smooth and hydrate the skin. I hope you enjoy this recipe and feel safe using it instead of the store bought sun screen.

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