“Pink” Stuff

Ingredient List

48 Oz. Cottage Cheese, small curd

45 Oz.Can Mandarin Oranges, drained

9 Oz. Box Orange Jello Powder

24 Oz. Cool Whip

I know this side dish isn’t actually Pink. It has been a great debate over the years of why it is called Pink Stuff when it is actually Orange or even Peach in color. At the end of this post I will share a recipe option in order to make your Pink Stuff actually Pink. I personally am not as big of a fan of that flavor combo. I like to stick to our families tradition! Here is how I make this BBQ side dish.

I first start with the cottage cheese and the orange jello. Combine the 2 ingredients really well.

Next you will fold in the cool whip.

After the cool whip is folded into the jello and cottage cheese, take your drained oranges and fold them into the mix. I then take this and let it set in the fridge for about 4 hours. This allows the jello to dissolve fully and all the ingredients get that wonderful flavor. Then you just serve it up and enjoy!


So there are many options you can do to make this recipe work for your sugar and flavor and fat levels. If you want Fat Free, just be sure to use fat free cool whip and cottage cheese. If you want sugar free, make sure you use sugar free cool whip and jello. If you want “PINK” Pink Stuff you can use Raspberry jello instead of orange. Many people also prefer Pineapple instead of oranges. This recipe is very adaptable! I hope you enjoy!

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