2016 Fall Classes!

Whether you are interested in baking, canning, sewing, home remedies, or DIY homesteading, we have a great list of classes we offer. So here is the Fall Classes we are offering.

Basic Bread Making

Rugged Root Store-Basic Bread Making Class

This class will teach you how to make some pretty amazing bread. It is a quick yeast bread. You will receive the recipe, hands on guidance, and you will get to go home with 10 fresh baked rolls. Cost-$20

Sourdough Bread

Rugged Root Store- Sourdough Bread Class

Learn to make Sourdough Bread! You will get the recipe, hands on guidance, 1 loaf of fresh baked Sourdough Bread, and 2 C of Sour Dough Starter. Cost-$30

Reversible/Adjustable Apron

Rugged Root Store-Reversible/Adjustable Apron Class

You will learn to make an apron! This pattern is wonderful! It is adjustable PLUS reversible. You will get hands on assistance. You will be responsible to purchase your own fabric/thread that way you get the colors or patterns that you want. Cost$20

Water Bath Canning

Rugged Root Store-Water Bath Canning Class

This fall I am offering up a few different “Apple Themed” water bath canning classes. Apple Sauce or Apple Butter. You will get all the supplies for the class. From the Apples to the canning jars. You will learn how to make the apple sauce or apple butter. You will learn to can/process the apple butter or apple sauce, and also learn water bath canning tips and safety concerns. You will get some hands on experience in water bathing. You will also get the recipe and a Pint Size jar of the Apple Theme of your choice! Cost- $25

Pressure Canning

Rugged Root Store-Pressure Canning Class

Nothing beats the taste and flavor of home made chicken stock. I will teach you how to make the flavorful chicken stock. You will also get pressure canning safety tips and proper canning skills. You will also get to go home with a Quart of Chicken Stock. Cost-$25

Elderberry Syrup

Rugged Root Store-Elderberry Syrup Class

You will learn some of the benefits of this wonderful syrup! You will learn how to make it too! Plus you will get the recipe and also get to take 8 oz of the Elderberry Syrup home with you! Cost-$30

Comfrey Salve

Rugged Root Store- Comfrey Salve Class

You will learn how to make this wonderful salve. You will get the recipe, guidance and get to go home with 4oz! Cost-$20

Laundry Soap

Rugged Root Store-Laundry Soap Class

This laundry soap is wonderful! Fresh smell and it works wonderful! You will get the recipe, guidance and also 1 quart of your own laundry soap. Cost-$15

So I know there is a lot to think about and what we have to offer. If you are interested in scheduling a class, please contact us Via- Facebook or Email.  Please remember to invite and share with your friends! These classes will be a lot of fun and full of information!

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